How to Have an Influencer-Worthy Vacation

Social media has given the world the opportunity to travel anywhere with the tap of a finger. Vivid videos and stunning images immediately transport us into the lives of those who we follow. You might not be endorsing a fitness shake just yet, but with these tips and tricks, you can make any vacation look like you're a real social media influencer!

Have an Instagram Worthy Luxury Vacation Elise Travel


1. Pick where you’ll post.

Studies show that Millennials are now choosing where to vacation based upon the pictures they’ll be able to get for social media. Popular choices have been exotic beaches (bikini pictures!) and picturesque landscapes (think New Zealand!). Extra points if you go where not many have traveled before.

2. Leave it to the professionals.

Don’t think you’re up to creating the content you need for your friends at home to feel major FOMO? Don’t stress about it, you’re on vacation after all! Some resorts offer the services of an ‘Instagram Butler.’ These Instagram Butlers are Insta experts and will take guests on tours to show them the most Instagram-worthy locations. They offer programs such as an Instagram daylong excursion filled with only the best restaurants, and tourist attractions. The butlers will go one step further and teach guests about creating these postable Instagram photos.


How to Have an Influencer-Worthy Vacation Elise Luxury Travel

3. Always Be Planning

You can prepare your Instagram content even before you board the plane! Look into various activities your vacation spot is offering during your stay and dogear your favorites. Look out for local art galleries, food festivals, headlining concerts and adventurous activities. These fun and hip events can be excellent sources for your vacation posts.

4. Link up!

A great tip to follow before leaving for vacation is to link all of your social media accounts together. This will save time and energy going from one social platform to the next. This is valuable time you could be spent enjoying your vacation. We recommend choosing one or two platforms to focus on. After all, you don’t want to lose any followers by bombarding them with too much material!

5. Get The Right Equipment

Have you dropped your iPhone one too many times? Before vacation think about upgrading to the best mobile camera available-- this way your pictures will be of better quality. If you want to opt for a more high-end camera, there are plenty of options with Bluetooth to send photos to your phone instantly. If you’re looking for some ‘like’ worthy selfies, selfie mirrors and lights make all the difference, just ask any influencer, they’re essential.

Take the Best Pictures on Vacation Elise Luxury Travel Tips


6. Go Luxury

If you’re looking for photo opp after photo opp, you may want to opt for a luxury experience. When you go luxury, the photo opportunities will be more readily available, and you will have more resources at your disposal when it comes to events and events.

Some Pro Tips:

  • Don’t have a steady hand? Or do you tend to hold your phone askew? Use the grid feature to make sure everything is in aligned correctly.
  • With most current smartphones, you can adjust the light and focus before you snap. Also, don’t forget portrait mode for the ultimate selfie!
  • Look for strong focal points. Whether its a person, a beach, an amazing rock. Look out for something that pops!
  • Go waterproof! If you’re going snorkeling, or SCUBA diving, opt for an underwater phone case to take pics of you and your new fishy friends.

Social media can be the best tool for capturing memories you can keep forever in a little online scrapbook. Making sure your photos truly capture the moments you’re experiencing. It may take a few tries, but with these tips and tricks, your vacation will be more than Insta-worthy. Don’t forget: a few months after your vacation, you can always re-engage your followers with TBT throwback!

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