Why You Need a Girl Trip... Stat!

Relationships in life are incredibly important, whether they’re with your best friends, your husband, your children, or colleagues. Our relationships can be the foundation of our happiness. But, sometimes you just need to focus on one set of relationships. Sometimes you need a good old-fashioned girls trip. Now you don’t have to take a page out of Tiffany Haddish’s book and zip line across Bourbon Street, but, you can make your own magic happen.

Whether you’re looking for only a weekend or a weeklong extravaganza, there are so many options for you and your besties. Here is the what, where, and why to pulling off and planning the ultimate girls’ getaway.

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The What.

It’s crucial to have in mind what kind of girls trip you want to plan. Is it a boozy weekend in Las Vegas or a Wellness-style yoga infused week on the beach? This will frame where you want to go, what kind of activities you want to plan, and who you want to invite. Most importantly, it will decide what you pack!

The Why.

As if you need a reason to get together with your best friends! But, if you do, here are a few that are pretty convincing.  

  • Bringing people together. Do you and your besties live in different parts of the country (or world)?  Busy schedules, family, work and more? A trip guarantees everyone is there and present with no outside commitments.

  • Catch up and relax. Even if you don’t have a gaggle of best friends, plan a trip with your #1 bestie and just take time to be together and catch up. As adults, it’s hard to keep the closeness we once had when responsibilities were few and far between, a trip is a great way to rebuild.

  • Celebrate! Typically, the girls' trips we take in our twenties and into our thirties are bachelorette parties. If someone is getting married, hello girls trip!

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The Where.

The choices are endless when choosing the destination for your next girls trip but, here are a few possibilities.

New York, Old Friends

Take Broadway by storm with the girls. Play tourist in Time Square, dine at Michelin star restaurants and dance the night away at the hottest New York clubs. Catch a game or enjoy upscale rooftop drinks. After all, it’s New York, and as our Sex and the City girls know best, the possibilities are endless.

Wine Me

Napa and Sonoma have lush landscapes, incredible gastronomic experiences, and too many incredible vineyards to count. Hire a driver to take you winery hoping and get ready for an incredible purple-toothed experience.

Sandy Señoritas

Leave your worries at the border and enjoy bottomless margaritas and white sand beaches with your best friends at an all-inclusive Mexican resort. Grab your favorite bikini and don’t forget plenty of sunscreen. Get ready for snorkeling in the sea, mariachi music and plenty of sun on this unforgettable trip.

Southern Belles

Grab your favorite belles and your beads for a weekend getaway full of Beignets, jazz, and fine fusion cuisine. New Orleans is filled with jazz around every corner, bustling streets, and plenty to explore. Feeling brave? Take a ghost tour in the most haunted city in America!

Gnarly Girls

Take the girls getaway up a notch with an adrenaline-filled trip to Colorado. There is always adventure awaiting in Colorado whether it’s whitewater rafting in the summer or hitting the slopes in the winter.

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When? Now!

The possibilities are endless for you and your posse. You can choose to go on a weeklong beach vacation for 8 friends or a quick workout weekend with your one best friend. If you need help planning the ultimate girls weekend, Elise Travel wants to help. Luxury, your girls, and the perfect destination, yes, please!

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