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What Every African-American Destination Bride Should Have in her Makeup Bag

Finding the perfect makeup artist for your big day is hard enough, but it becomes significantly more complicated if you’re a woman of color planning a destination wedding. As an African-American woman and destination bride, I struggled with finding a makeup artist at the resort that would bring my vision for my makeup to life. I lived through the struggle, so you don't have to.

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The Getaway Bride: What to Pack for Your First Trip As Husband and Wife

Packing for a honeymoon can be as stressful as planning the wedding. Over packing can lead to having to carry heavy extra baggage from one terminal to the next and under packing will have you missing your forgotten items at home. But not to worry! We made a fool-proof honeymoon checklist that will have you covered whether you’re packing for the snow or the sand!

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